Who We Are


Sojourn: to rest; a short stay; a brief journey

We, at Sojourn use equine assisted activities to proactively contribute to an individual's cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well being. Therapeutic riding benefits individuals in the areas of therapy, education, sport, and leisure. We hope you will enjoy your journey to Sojourn and find pleasure in your experiences with our highly trained equines and staff.

Our History

Sojourn's journey began with an injured horse - my Scootch. At the time we were at a barn with no one on staff to truly take care of him, so I looked for barns with staff on hand and knew I needed something quickly as his injury was severe.. I found a 'therapeutic riding center' that I thought was geared toward supporting injured horses. I called, and of course, found out what a therapeutic riding center was all about. The people at the center also took on 10 boarders and told me they had a stall available and 24 hour staff. I was so relieved to know Scootch could be looked after during the times I could not be there. On top of that, they called one of the Arlington Race Track vets and asked him to diagnose Scootch's injury.

Scootch was at the brink when he arrived at the facility. His eyes were vacant and he was in tremendous pain. The track vet saw him and put him on a month's worth of medical therapy that included antibiotics twice a day (not easy to give a horse) and soaking the injured pastern twice a day. Scootch was well cared for by very nice young ladies (one a boarder and the other an employee) who saw to his horse pills (and yes, horse pills are HUGE). He enjoyed the activity around the barn and looked forward to seeing all his barn friends: clients, volunteers, boarders, instructors, and fellow horses! The sparkle in his eyes came back and his adorabley impish personality returned as well. After 6 months, Scootch slowly returned back to riding and today 11 years later, he is a 3rd level dressage horse and beginning to learn canter pirouettes!

As good fortune would have it, we met Blackie through a lovely trainer at the facility. It was with this trainer and Blackie that I really started to learn about classical dressage. What a treat! I first met Blackie when he was 11 and he is now 21. It was with Blackie and Scootch that Sojourn officially began in 2009!

Our Current Work

Sojourn is proud to be a PATH International certified center. We are now up to a fleet of 7 horses, and we serve individuals with and without disabilities. Additionally, we were recently approved for 501(c)3 status. We hope this will ease some of the financial stress.

Our Future

We have wonderful goals for our future. We are a growing center and our immediate focus is to bolster our volunteer base. Therapeutic riding centers rely on dedicated volunteers who understand and appreciate the wonderful advantages these beautiful creatures contribute to their riders.

Another goal for us is to obtain our very own barn. Of course, this can be accomplished through fundraising, donations from generous sponsors, etc. No doubt, this will be a very busy year for us!