Highlighting a sponsor - Sojourn's favorite chef


Gianna West - Author of the cookbook "A Year with Gianna"

From the back side of the book: 

"A Year with Gianna" contains 52 latex allergy friendly recipes plus some signature hamburgers and restaurant reviews. All of the recipes have been tried and tested by Gianna herself. She thoroughly enjoyed working on the recipes . She hopes you thoroughly enjoy trying them.


Gianna is a kind-hearted teenager who has a zest for life and who doesn't allow her spina bifida to interfere with her passion for cooking. 

Gianna is one of Sojourn's long time clients, who enjoys rides on Scootch on most weekends. We thank Gianna for supporting Sojourn TRC with a portion of the profits of the sale of her cookbook.  

"A Year with Gianna" can be purchased directly from Gianna, or through smile.amazon.com, in paper or Kindle version.