Q. What is the process for enrolling in a therapeutic riding program?

A. Sojourn’s process is as follows:

  1. After a request is received, Sojourn will send an application package that must be completed, as well as a Client Handbook.
  2. Once the forms are completed, we schedule an evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether our program is appropriate for each individual’s specific needs.
  3. Once accepted, Sojourn will do its best to place the riding student with a group of students of similar age.

Q. What happens once the rider is accepted into the program?

A. The initial evaluation is used as a benchmark for creating an individualized plan for the rider. Goals are set and reviewed every 3 months. The goals may be educational, social, behavioral or a combination. Lessons are planned that support the goals. At the end of the three months, the rider is assessed and new goals are created.

Q. What does a typical riding session look like?

A. Each session is approximately 30 - 40 minutes. Sessions begin with mounting the horse, riding the horse for ½ hour, dismounting, and grooming. All riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved riding helmets (provided) for ALL equestrian activities, including ground work such as grooming. We also provide certified riding vests for additional safety. What may vary in a “typical” riding session are individual goals. We may have a group of 3 or 4 riders and our lessons are designed to cover the goals essential to each rider.

Q. Does insurance pay for therapeutic riding?

A. It’s up to the individual insurance company, but as a general rule, therapeutic riding is not covered by insurance, but it is in your child's best interest to always ask. In some instances, hippotherapy is covered if a licensed therapist can bill it as a regular therapy session. Sojourn does not offer hippotherapy and is strictly a therapeutic riding facility.

Q. What is the cost of Sojourn's therapeutic riding program?

A. The cost for Sojourn is as follows:

  1. $50.00 Assessment Fee. The assessment involves: a) parent/client interview b) riding assessment c) goal setting WITH parent and/or client. This is a one time fee for new riders.  STARTING JANUARY 2017, Assesment Fee will be $75.
  2. PRIVATE LESSONS are $360.00 for a 6 session package. Sessions are designated on given dates/times. Sessions are 30 - 40 minutes, which includes a 1/2 hour saddle time - plus grooming and tacking if appropriate for the student.      STARTING JANUARY 2017 PRIVATE LESSONS are $600.00 for a 6 session package.             
  3. GROUP LESSONS (2 or more students) are $180 per 6 session package. The lessons are 30 - 40 minutes and also include 1/2 hour saddle time.   STARTING JANUARY 2017 GROUP LESSONS (2 or more students) are $240 per 6 session package. 
  4. Payments must be made by the second session. A $10.00 processing fee is added for sessions that are paid in halves of two payments. This will be effective April 1, 2011.
  5. Sojourn does not offer make-up sessions except in extreme emergencies or due to Sojourn cancellations (severe weather).
  6. Families with more than one student riding in a block will be charged $180.00 for the first group lesson and $150.00 for each additional student or lesson. STARTING JANUARY 2017 Families with more than one student riding in a block will be charged $240.00 for the group lesson and $200.00 for each additional student or lesson. 
  7. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card.  An additional $8 processing fee will be added to payments made by credit card. 


Q. How can I support, further, my child's riding experiences at home?

A. We, at Sojourn, have developed a safe site for our riding students. We are a professional site located on Facebook. Our site contains pictures and videos. Three administrators manage Sojourn's site (Claire/Volunteer; Ken/Media Manager; Barbara/Owner & Manager). Administrators determine who may be invited into the site. This affords our students and their families the opportunity to interact in a safe environment with individuals who share a common interest - HORSES! This is a great way to encourage reading and written communication skills and something parents can do with their child, again, in a safe environment.