Blackie is a highly trained circus horse from Medieval Times. His breed is Azteca, which is basically an Andalusian/Quarter Horse cross. As you can see from his photos, he has changed from a dapple gray to a freckled horse! He was all black at one time, hence the nickname, Blackie.


Blackie is considered a schoolmaster and is educated in dressage; he is considered a high school horse. The majority of horses you meet are not at this level, so it is wonderful for us to be able to offer his talent for those who wish to learn at the high school level.


Blackie is Sojourn's mascot because he has transcended challenges throughout his career - most notably a club hoof. Blackie has the best of vet and trimmer care to ensure he can perform at his best. This is so true for us all. With love, support, and excellent care, there is no reason why any of us should expect anything less than our best - just like Blackie.